Q&A with Morning Street Reporter John Montone

By Rachel Krevans and Madison Fernandez

1010 WINS gives you all news, all the time. That takes a lot of commitment from our reporters and anchors. We sat down with some of the most recognizable and trusted voices from the station to learn a bit more about what they do behind the mic.

John Montone has been on the streets with WINS since 1982. Starting as the New Jersey stringer, he covered suburban stories. In 1992,  he became the morning street reporter, finding himself “mostly in the boroughs, occasionally in the burbs, sometimes in subways sometimes on top of snowplows or various places.”

He’s the voice that we’ve come to know and love, which is because of the connection he has with our listeners.

“Trust comes from who I work for, this radio station,” Montone said. “People have listened to this station for 54 years. We've been doing the news every minute, every second for 54 years. People trust us, I get that that's a big advantage.”

Still, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t run into challenges when reporting.

“People are busy, and especially today everyone’s plugged in with their pods and buds and nobody wants to stop and talk,” Montone said. “It’s like when I used to go to bars when I was single, I got so used to being rejected at the bars that if somebody rejects me, I can deal with it and I just move on to the next victim.”

As for the biggest lesson he’s learned? You always have to be on your game.

“You must know that a microphone is a loaded gun,” he said. “When you are talking into a microphone and waiting to go live on the air, you have to assume you’re on the air even if you’re not on the air yet. You never know if someone pressed a wrong button somewhere.”