Q&A with Morning Drive Anchor Brigitte Quinn

By Rachel Krevans and Madison Fernandez

1010 WINS gives you all news, all the time. That takes a lot of commitment from our reporters and anchors. We sat down with some of the most recognizable and trusted voices from the station to learn a bit more about what they do behind the mic.

At first, Brigitte Quinn didn’t think she was going to be on the radio.

“In high school, I very much wanted to pursue a career as a newspaper writer,” Quinn said. “Then when I got to college I had an opportunity to write at a radio station, but their policy was, well if we’re going to train you how to write news, we also expect you to deliver it. Frankly, they just needed warm bodies for their radio station. So I wound up doing that and found that I really loved being on air, and that’s really how the whole kooky thing started.”

She’s also spent some time in television.

“There are different kinds of pressures. I guess in television there is that pressure to have a certain amount of poise, you know people are looking at you when you deliver the news.”

She’s been at WINS for nearly four years as the morning drive anchor. Even though she has to get up at three in the morning, she says the job is well worth it.

“I think it’s every morning coming in and feeling like I’m among the first people to know what is going on,” she said. “And there’s always a story that teaches me something about something. I think that’s why being in the news business never gets old.”

Besides news, she enjoys spending time with her three children.

“If I’m not doing something with them, I like to be playing tennis or swimming or reading a good novel,” she said.