Q&A with Afternoon Drive Anchor Larry Mullins

By Madison Fernandez and Rachel Krevans 

1010 WINS gives you all news, all the time. That takes a lot of commitment from our reporters and anchors. We sat down with some of the most recognizable and trusted voices from the station to learn a bit more about what they do behind the mic.

Larry Mullins goes where the story takes him. Before he was an Afternon Drive anchor on 1010 WINS, Larry was the head of the Dallas news division for KXAS TV, a reporter and a talk show host in Orlando, and a national correspondent for NBC News.

A big part of the job for Mullins is keeping it real.

“We call it pulling back the curtains here because this is real. If something breaks down, hey, things break down. If I read something stupid I'm gonna say that was stupid and come back to it later,” he said. “Let people know, don't make errors, tell people what's really going on and keep it moving, works like a charm every time. And I think that’s what endears people to this show and this reporter or anchor.”

A big part of the appeal of radio for him is the process and all of the work that goes into producing the news.

“Just the whole idea that it took 20 people to get this show on the air in various parts of the building and in various capacities,” he said. “It's the process that I'm just fascinated with. Radio and TV is not what I do, It's who I am. It’s become a part of me, a part of my DNA. I have fun, genuine fun with what I do.”