The Trend w/ Jordana Abraham, Aleen Kuperman

The Trend with Rebecca Granet
Wednesday, August 8th
The founders of the millennial-focused media company,  Jordana Abraham, Aleen Kuperman, and Samantha Fishbein, in October will release their new book, “When’s Happy Hour? Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work.” It follows their previous best-sellers, “I Had A Nice Time and Other Lies” and “Nice Is Just a Place in France.”

“It’s basically a career guide,” Abraham told 1010 WINS’ “The Trend” Tuesday. “It’ll tell you everything from our tips of how to start your own business to basically how to polish your resume and apply for a job and have success at the job you’re already at … it’s supposed to be funny … that’s the difference between the traditional career books out.”

Kuperman, added, “This book is funny and a light read but it’s more serious than our first book.”