For the staycationers... new works of public art on display in the city

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Saturday, August 1st
All In NYC: Public Art Edition showcases dozens of free, public art programs across the City for New Yorkers now, and eventually visitors, to safely explore this summer and beyond. This is a new focus of NYC and Co., the official marketing agency for the city -- putting a spotlight on the many public art exhibitions that are free and outdoors. It presents a unique opportunity for visitors to reconnect with their city.

Some examples include:

-the permanent public-art project Day’s End by David Hammons, which will be located in the Hudson River across from the Whitney Museum (it’s being done in collaboration with the Hudson River Park Trust).   

-The Chronicles of New York City at the Brooklyn Museum

-Frieze Sculpture and the Flag Project at Rockefeller Center or Brick House, the installation on the High Line in Manhattan (note, the High Line is currently only open from 23rd street and below, so Brick House cannot be accessed up close)

-Monuments Now at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City

-Women of the Nation Arise Outdoors at the Staten Island Museum

-Forest Dialogue at Wave Hill in the Bronx 

PHOTO: Jeffrey Gibson's ‘Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House’, 2020, Socrates Sculpture Park.