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DIFFERENCE MAKER: Kevin Tuohy and The Shoeshine Guild 2.12.20

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Sunday, February 23rd
Kevin Tuohy is a recovering alcoholic- 31 years sober now. He met a woman when he was 6 years sober that offered him a job shining shoes - Kevin first learned to shine shoes in the army and returned to the long standing craft during his sobriety.

The shoeshine guild helps recovering alcoholics get back on track. Tuohy and his business partners say those with past alcohol or drug problems are drawn to the craft is because it's low-stress, helps build self-esteem and keeps them focused.

He has over 30 employees now working for him at the shoeshine guild and half of them are people who are recovering from substance abuse issues. 

1010 WINS honors Kevin Tuohy as our difference maker.