DIFFERENCE MAKER: Juliana Fetherman - 'Making Authentic Friendships' 2.19.20

Sunday, February 23rd
Juliana Fetherman was just a teenager when she noticed how hard it was for her brother, Michael, to make friends. Her brother has ADHD and autism which she says can be very lonely for him. Inspired by her brother and his struggles she was on a mission to help him and those like him build relationships.

She created an app called "Making Authentic Friendships" - which also happens to be her brothers initials. The app is built to match users based on age, diagnosis, interests, and location. eventfully the app will suggest meet-up spots so that if two people select the same activity interests they can then hang out and meet at that location.

It currently lives web based but Juliana's app will be officially released on ios and droid phone systems this august.

1010 WINS honors Juliana Fetherman as our difference maker.