DIFFERENCE MAKER: Iain Forrest aka 'Eyeglasses' 2.05.20

Sunday, February 23rd
Iain Forrest is a 24yr old medical student at Mt. Sinai that has learned to heal with more than just medicine. He started off in college pursuing degree in music wanting to "be the next yo-yo ma" but one day he performed at a hospital for terminally ill patients and saw how his music resonated with them, lifting their spirits- and he wanted to help them and found a way to intertwine music with medicine. 

Iain plays for all kinds of patients at different hospitals, using the power of music to transport them somewhere outside the pain. Aside from practicing medicine, he also finds time to bring his sounds to the streets of NYC sometimes performing at popular parks through out the city or Grand Central station.

1010 WINS honors Iain Forrest as our difference maker.