22 Minutes With Dylan O'Brien

Brigitte Quinn's 22 Minutes With...
Wednesday, November 22nd
1010 WINS — Dylan O’Brien spent 22 Minutes with Brigitte Quinn and talked about his roles in “The Maze Runner” series and newest film, American Assassin.

O’Brien stars as Mitch Rapp in American Assassin and talked about the opening sequence and how it was hard to film because it was almost like watching news footage.

“Yeah it’s rough, yeah of course. Anytime you’re doing anything like that that reflects really harsh realities in the world that are super current right now it’s tough. At the end of the day you just … for me .. you just want to do it justice and not take an agenda with anything. The main point of the film is that it is a fictional story that yes deals these things … at the end of the day hopefully people can check out of that stuff a little bit and be able to enjoy it as a film.”

The film also stars Michael Keaton who O’Brien said is hysterically funny and just a normal guy, and his buddy Taylor Kitsch who is the “most boring dude ever.”

American Assassin is in theaters September 15.