Lane Bajardi

1am - 5am

Lane Bajardi’s history with 1010 WINS dates back to 1989 when he started pitching stories as a stringer from his native Hudson Valley. His first live report on WINS was on November 16th of that year, after a strong burst of wind tragically brought a cafeteria wall tumbling down on students at the East Coldenham Elementary School. In 1992 Lane began presenting business reports on WINS via the CNBC Radio Network. From ’96 to ’99 Lane was heard presenting 1010 WINS Moneywatch reports every weekday morning.

Lane caught the radio bug very early. “When I was 10 I started calling a local radio show geared toward kids and contests. The host told me I had a good name for a newsman. At that time I wanted to be a DJ, but he turned out to be right.” Lane got his chance to spin some records at his first radio job at WKIP in Poughkeepsie before switching over to news very early in his career. “I was the evening newsman who left reports for the morning. One night I got a call from the News Director of WEOK and WPDH with an offer I couldn’t refuse: my own half-hour long 5pm Newscast and the chance to do afternoon drive reports on the #1 Rock station.” Lane was later promoted to News Director and Morning Anchor, a position he held until joining CNBC full time in 1996.

In addition to WINS, Lane’s reports have been heard on hundreds of other stations across the country including WBZ in Boston, Philly’s KYW and WMAQ Chicago. He spent a decade reporting and anchoring radio and television programs for Bloomberg, with many hours live on the air at the NYSE, NASDAQ and NYMEX. He anchored and produced Small Business and Personal Finance shows and presented radio and TV affiliate reports on stations including New York’s WPIX, WGN in Chicago and WFTC Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

Lane says, “TV is fun, and I like to keep my hand in it, but radio is my first love and there’s no better place on the planet to anchor the news than 1010 WINS radio!”