Juliet Papa

Juliet Papa

10am - 4pm


Juliet Papa is an award-winning reporter for 1010WINS Radio, the top-ranked all-news station in the nation.  Her stories appear on   1010WINS.com and you can follow her Twitter feed  @winsjuliet and on FB Juliet Papa News.

Juliet has covered the city's triumph and tragedies from SuperStorm Sandy to ticker tape parades.   Her prestige assignments have sent her to Rome to cover the election of the Pope and involved anchoring the "Election Desk"   during the latest presidential contest.  

Juliet is a published author,  The Mafia Handbook, Viking Penguin,  and Ladykiller, St. Martin’s Press.  and she 's also written articles appearing in the  NewYorkTimes and Readers' Digest Magazine.   Her commendations include the national Gracie Award as Outstanding Reporter/Correspondent and the NYS  Associated Press General Excellence Award for Outstanding Individual Reporting.

Juliet has interviewed movie stars and mobsters,  pundits and presidents, but remains true to her New York roots and the stories New Yorkers live and tell each day.