Dave Bowers

Dave Bowers

3pm - 11pm

Senior Meteorologist

Dave Bowers was born December 20, 1954, just eight weeks after hurricane Hazel roared through his home town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The storm ripped down trees and power lines and even destroyed a neighbor’s front porch.

His interest in weather started with stories told to him about Hazel as well as experiencing the big blizzard of 1966. That storm dropped over a foot of snow, but it was the three days of howling winds that followed that left the biggest impression. Drifts of 15 to 20 feet kept schools closed for two weeks.

Dave received a B.S. degree in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 1976 and has been working at AccuWeather ever since. Consistency and steady growth in forecasting skills have helped Dave to advance to the position of Senior Meteorologist. Dave’s career at AccuWeather has been spent forecasting for television, transportation and radio clients. Dave has done more than two million broadcasts in his career and can be heard daily on nearly three dozen radio stations from Texas to New England.
Some of life’s lessons hit Dave early. Cancer cost him his entire right leg on his seventh birthday and a trip through a glass storm door nearly cost him his left arm at age 11. But

Dave has always stood strong in the face of adversity. Encouragement from his junior high school gym teacher as well as his wrestling coach turned Dave from a disabled individual into an athlete competing in wrestling, track and field, and weight lifting and on the still rings in gymnastics.

Dave especially excelled in the discus and weightlifting. From 1976 to 1987 Dave was National Discus Champion eight times, setting both national and world records against other amputee men. He also set a new Penn State bench pressing record while still a student there, which was a new American record for an amputee. His greatest honor came at the 1984 ParaOlympics where he won a gold medal in discus and a silver medal in weightlifting. Having retired from competition after the 1987 National Championships, Dave and his wife stay in shape by hiking.

Dave married Judith Blattner in 1976 and they have five children and six grandchildren. Dave is active in the Alliance