Pride - Heroes

May 31, 2019 - 6:08 pm
She knew at the age of three that she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Today, Jazz Jennings’s message is clear and enduring. “Be (your) true and authentic selves … as long as you can look within yourself and learn to love and appreciate who you are, then you are unstoppable.” Jennings is a trans...
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Andrew Burton/Getty Images
May 30, 2019 - 11:00 am
Her fight to get a tax refund became a landmark case on federal benefits for same-sex marriages. Edith Windsor met Thea Spyer in Greenwich Village in 1963 and fell in love. In 1967, Spyer proposed to Windsor with a diamond broach instead of a ring so as not to raise suspicions about their...
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Yahoo! News
May 30, 2019 - 10:50 am
Joe Maldonado is a 9-year-old kid from Maplewood, New Jersey who was born a girl but identifies as a boy. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) did not accept kids who were transgender. On January 31, 2017, the Scouts changed its longtime policy because of Joe. He was in a Pack in Secaucus for a month...
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Courtesy: Joyce Hunter
May 30, 2019 - 10:40 am
Don’t tell Dr. Joyce Hunter that it can’t be done … it only makes her more determined to do it. For more than 40 years, she has been an advocate and activist for at-risk-youth in the LGBTQ community. In 1979 Dr. Hunter helped organize the first-ever March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights...
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May 30, 2019 - 10:30 am
When Daniel Dromm was a teacher at PS 199Q in Queens, he made his daily trip down to the cafeteria to bring his students back to their classroom after lunch. On one particular day, he saw a little girl on the line sobbing. When Dromm asked her why she was crying, she blurted out, “Because the kids...
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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
May 30, 2019 - 10:20 am
“My name is Harvey Milk and I’m here to recruit you.” That was the first line of Milk’s famous “Hope” speech in San Francisco on the steps of City Hall during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. Born in Woodmere, Long Island in 1930, Milk went to college in Albany, served in the Korean War,...
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May 30, 2019 - 10:00 am
For most teenagers, getting ready for prom means picking out a tuxedo and renting a limo, for Aaron Fricke it meant hiring a good lawyer. In 1980, Fricke was a senior at Cumberland High School in Rhode Island. He didn’t talk to many people and had no plans of attending prom. “I didn’t want to go to...
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Elizabeth Sherwood
May 30, 2019 - 9:50 am
We've come to think of the phrase "threw the first brick at Stonewall" to mean someone who was there, in the fight, from the beginning. Sylvia Rivera said she was there, in the fight, from the beginning ... but it wasn't a brick. It was a Molotov cocktail. And it was the second one. In her talk at...
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May 29, 2018 - 3:09 pm
Famous for her vibrant hats and entertaining drag performances in Greenwich Village, Martha P. Johnson quickly became a permanent fixture in the LGBTQ community. Johnson was also an outspoken activist and mentor for homeless LGBTQ youth. But in June 1969 Johnson became a national icon when she put...
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