Marin County Sheriff’s Office

WATCH: Baby Deer Gets Stuck In Back Seat of Police Cruiser, Officers Talk Her Out

May 09, 2018 - 11:12 am

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Oh, deer... This little critter appears to be stuck!

Officers of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office in California were treated to a special visitor when a baby deer climbed into their patrol car after they were called to help the young one out of a busy intersection.

Little Bambi was momentarily stuck in the officer's crusier after they attempted to get her back to her mother, but the quick-thinking cops eventually helped free her and reunited her with mom.

While officers swore to protect and serve, we’re guessing they never imagined it would include this little deer!

In a post on Facebook, officers explained the situation: "Recently, deputies were called to an intersection, as a baby deer was in the roadway and separated from its mother. Neighbors were holding back traffic as we attempted to reunite the two. While trying to encourage the baby deer to head towards her mother, she jumped into our patrol car to get a look around. After a quick look around the patrol car, we were able to walk the deer over to its mother, where they went running into the woods. The great thing about working in our communities, you never know what you can come across."

Here are a few more photos of the Sheriff's Office's adorable new friend!