A True Pile Of Puppies Brings Comfort To Terminally Ill Girl

March 28, 2018 - 10:55 am

By Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana

Young Holly from Portland, Oregon was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor only three years ago. Now in the last stages of terminal cancer, the special girl just received a visit from a true pile of puppies who brought with them some much-needed bundles of snuggles and joy.

The litter of miniature bull terriers was brought to Holly's hospice by the non-profit organization Pile of Puppies -- along with the help of AKC Mini Bull Terrier Puppies and Kennel Calypso -- so she and her family can enjoy their gentle play as well as some adorable naptime.

The non-profit explains in a post on Facebook that the pups are showing that grace, suffering, beauty, pain, joy, and light can all come together in our last days on this planet.


Pile of Puppies is a non-profit that creates joy experiences for chronically ill children & their families by surrounding them with a Pile of Puppies. The purpose is to bring joy to families that have been dealing with the day to day challenges of helping their child/children move through rough times. Learn More >

To learn more about Holly's journey, follow along at Holly's Miracles on Facebook.