Oregon Zoo

There's a New Kid On the Block At the Oregon Zoo

May 23, 2018 - 10:33 am

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

This lovable baby mountain goat born just days ago at the Oregon Zoo is ready to tackle any obstacles in its way!

Only an hour after first-time mom Sassy birthed her kid, the precocious animal was hopping around trying to navigate its new environment -- and mom stayed right nearby to make sure the newborn was safe and loved.

Sassy and her kid can be seen amid the rocky crags of the Cascade Crest habitat just past the zoo's main entrance. 

While its normal for some species keep their newborns hidden away, mountain goat kids are one exception and are usually on their feet within minutes after birth in order to quickly learn how to navigate their rocky environment.

According to Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo's Great Northwest area, Sassy's kid was no exception.

"She gave birth between 8 and 8:20 Saturday evening, and her kid was already on its feet by 8:30," Cutting said. "We saw it do a playful hop less than an hour after it was born."

We can’t wait to see all the mountains this fluffy kid will climb!