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3 To See At ACC: meet Bayou, Meg and Lanister

Susan Richard
January 17, 2020 - 4:38 pm

NEW YORK (1010WINS) 1010 WINS has teamed up with Animal Care Centers of New York City to let you know about some of the adoptable #Boroughbreds looking for loving homes in the city's shelters, and, where ACC's mobile adoption units are headed with even more great pets.

This week we're featuring Bayou, Meg and Lanister:

Bayou (# 86009) A volunteer writes: Bayou is dressed for success and ready to get straight to work as the friendliest, smartest and most handsome pet you'll ever have! His sweet smiles are the stuff dreams are made of and you won't find a more loving or lovable pup anywhere. Energetic and playful in all the best ways, he enjoys sniffing around the park or sharing his toys in a game of tug and he'll come, sit and stay on command in return for treats nibbled gently from your hand. Butt rubs are always appreciated, lap snuggles welcomed, and a date with this dapper bachelor often ends in a flurry of thankful kisses. He's excited when greeting other dogs (especially the ladies) and extremely social with every person he meets, a fun-loving pet any family would be so proud to call their own. Now that he's rocked his behavior assessment with top 'scores', this confident charmer is keen to take the next big step in his brilliant career-finding a forever home. Ask to meet Bayou at our Manhattan Care Center, he can't wait to show you his good boy credentials!

Meg (# 85109)  Meg’s former foster writes: "Meg (although I call her "Little Miss", like the dapper queen she is) is a chonky, affectionate couch potato! This ten-year-old would much rather lounge by your side and is super ready to receive any head scratches and rubs from you (bonus points if she lets you scratch her cheek ,she rolls over to show you her belly). She loves getting brushed (I'm sure it feels like a massage), and although she isn't much for playing with toys, she's fully content sitting by a windowsill and checking out what's going on in your life. Just the right amount of independent and affectionate, she's the perfect companion to fit into any hectic schedule you've got - happy on her own and even happier by your side. She's also got an affinity for music, purring and loving it when I played ukulele and piano for her (although no music skills are needed to qualify for her musical desires-youtube gets the job done)!"

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the only open-admissions animal shelter in New York City and takes in approximately 30,000 animals every year. ACC’s  three Care Centers in Manhattan (326 East 110th Street), Brooklyn (2336 Linden Boulevard), and Staten Island (3139 Veterans Road West) are open for adoptions 12pm-8pm Monday thru Friday, and 10am-6pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Lanister (# 78957)  A volunteer writes: Ever met a bunny who will not devour a tiny treat of banana? Well, that is Lanister! She prefers binkying over sweets, and is a very beautiful bunny lady. She also likes Frozen 2, as her fur is white as snow, and she admires beauty. If you admire beauty as well and want to watch Lanister's eye color switch from an alizarin crimson to a rosebud pink to an almost lavender blue depending on the lighting, come visit us at the Brooklyn Care Center and hang out with pretty Lanister. But be careful, your heart might get stolen!

If you’re interested in one of the animals featured here, email ACC’s Adoption team at adopt@nycacc.org with the animal’s name and "A#", or head directly to the Care Center where the animal is located. Please note, animals featured here may already be placed by the time you arrive, but there are hundreds of great cats, dogs, and rabbits looking for loving homes every day! You can view available animals online, and at the Care Centers, ACC Adoption Counselors will help you find the best match.

You can also meet your new best friend at ACC’s Mobile Adoption Center, which travels throughout the city. (Note: dates and locations are subject to change. Information will be updated as quickly as possible.  View an Interactive adoption event at http://nycacc.org/adoptionevents.)

This week’s mobile adoption events:

  • January 18th, 12PM - 4PM,  Petco Union Square, 860 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
  • January 18th, 12PM - 4PM, Who's your Doggy?, 301A Halsey Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216
  • January 19th, 12PM - 4PM, Petco Yonkers, 2350 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710
  • January 19th, 12PM - 4PM, Petco Industry City, 241 37th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

To adopt an animal, you must have a valid photo ID, be 18 years of age or older, and bring proof of current address. ACC adoptions include vaccinations, spay/neuter, a pre-registered microchip, an identification tag, a collar, and a certificate for a free initial exam at a participating veterinarian.

For more information, visit https://www.nycacc.org/adopt/adoption-search