3 To See At ACC: Meet Jazzy, Kitty and Venice

Susan Richard
October 11, 2019 - 4:40 pm

NEW YORK (1010WINS) 1010 WINS has teamed up with Animal Care Centers of New York City to let you know about some of the adoptable #Boroughbreds looking for loving homes in the city's shelters, and, where ACC's mobile adoption units are headed with even more great pets.

Plus, ACC issues another open letter to the public appealing for adopters and fosters as they find themselves now above capacity and in need of assistance moving the animals into both permanent and temporary homes.

This week, we're featuring Jazzy, Kitty and Venice:

Jazzy (# 70977) A volunteer writes: Jazzy is like your fun friend who is always up for a new adventure. This strong brindle beauty has great energy and absolutely loves going for walks as well as playing tag and catch. Jazzy seems very trainable and already knows "Sit." She enjoys all kinds of treats and is very motivated by them (which could help with teaching her more commands and tricks). When I walked Jazzy, she was so excited to be going outside that she pulled me out the door! But once we walked for a little while she seemed to become more comfortable and I could see her sweet personality. She definitely knows the word "Treats," so if you bring Jazzy some dog snacks, you'll likely be her hero! Available at Brooklyn ACC: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208.

Kitty (#77281) “Hi, I'm Kitty, a sweet blind girl trying to find my way home. I like to sniff the hand of people who talk gently to me, and when I relax I like to be pet. My eyes are always big and wide but it's not because I'm scared, it's just because that's the way my eyes are! Lately I've been a bit stressed in the Care Center, but I know that I will relax in a quiet home. I lost my braille compass so finding my way to your home has proved challenging! So I've wrapped this message up, placed it in a bottle, and tossed it into the sea. If it washes onto your shore and you find it, please come to the Manhattan Care Center, I will be waiting for you!”

One of ACC's Feline Behavior Experts is the proud parent of a blind cat and wants you to know how great and easy they are: "Being the proud cat parent of a blind-from-birth cat, I am happy to say how easy it is to take care of them. Once they have learned your home, there really is very little difference compared to a sighted cat. In fact, I like to think of my blind girl as having “vision without sight”. She’s never missed the litter box, she knows where her food is and how to get on and off all the furniture including a fairly tall bed. In addition to using her other senses, she actually has a spatial understanding of her world and engages in what I call spatial mapping. For example, when visiting a home that she knows with a staircase, when she gets to the bottom stair, she will leap off because she knows she’s at the bottom step!" Available at Manhattan ACC!

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the only open-admissions animal shelter in New York City and takes in approximately 30,000 animals every year. ACC’s  three Care Centers in Manhattan (326 East 110th Street), Brooklyn (2336 Linden Boulevard), and Staten Island (3139 Veterans Road West) are open for adoptions 12pm-8pm Monday thru Friday, and 10am-6pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Venice (# 62602)  A volunteer writes: “There are spring people, there are summer people, there are fall people - and there are seasonal bunnies. Our Venice embraces the fall season and loves to model with anything fall, be it a pumpkin or some spider sprinkled black roses. After the photo shoot, Venice confessed that there is something this little bunny dreams of every night and that is a person to love and be loved by through all seasons. How about some Christmas carols with a bunny sing-along, yummy (safe) spring flowers to eat in May, and some home-grown herbs in summer? If you think you need a bunny companion for any season, come to the Care Center in Brooklyn and make Venice's dream come true!”

If you’re interested in one of the animals featured here, email ACC’s Adoption team at adopt@nycacc.org with the animal’s name and "A#", or head directly to the Care Center where the animal is located. Please note, animals featured here may already be placed by the time you arrive, but there are hundreds of great cats, dogs, and rabbits looking for loving homes every day! You can view available animals online, and at the Care Centers, ACC Adoption Counselors will help you find the best match.

You can also meet your new best friend at ACC’s Mobile Adoption Center, which travels throughout the city. (Note: dates and locations are subject to change. Information will be updated as quickly as possible.  View an Interactive adoption event at http://nycacc.org/adoptionevents.)

This week’s mobile adoption events:

  • October 12, 11AM - 3PM, Jerome Gun Hill BID Fall Festival, 3400 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467, Corner of Jerome Avenue and E 208th Street
  • October 12, 1PM - 5PM, Reade Street Animal Hospital Street Fair, 146 Reade Street, New York, NY 10013
  • October 13, 12PM - 4PM, 84th Precinct Adoption Event, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • October 13, 12PM - 4PM, Petco Forest Hills, 9111 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11374

To adopt an animal, you must have a valid photo ID, be 18 years of age or older, and bring proof of current address. ACC adoptions include vaccinations, spay/neuter, a pre-registered microchip, an identification tag, a collar, and a certificate for a free initial exam at a participating veterinarian.

For more information, visit https://www.nycacc.org/adopt/adoption-search