Rebecca Granet and David Cook/1010 WINS

Singer, Songwriter David Cook Opens Up About Adjusting To Broadway & Learning How to Walk In Women's Boots

April 10, 2018 - 11:26 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- These boots are made for walking -- and performing in -- when you're at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre every night.

Singer and songwriter David Cook is learning that the hard way now that he's joined the cast of Kinky Boots in the role of Charlie Price, and admits that filling the boots left behind by Jake Shears is no easy task -- literally.    

"I've always been empathetic towards people who wear those shoes because they don't look comfortable," Cook said.

"Having worn them myself now for a little bit, that gets extrapolated quite a bit. I'm still not used to it. It's something you take completely for granted. I walk heel to toe, but you can't really do that in those shoes so I feel like I'm constantly tip toeing around everywhere and I'm about to fall forward flat on my face. The choreography...If I make it through this whole run without falling down during the closing number, I'm going to call it a success."

Cook made his Broadway debut back on April 3 and is still adjusting to life under the bright lights of The Great White Way.

"Broadway has been such a learning experience. It is a completely different beast. I grew up singing rock music with this idea of you have to go for it constantly and in an hour and half show it's pretty easy to kind of blow your voice out. But with Broadway, you're telling a story and I think part of that comes with a lot of vocal dynamics. I'm learning how a fighter who gets more and more training, you're kind of learning how to jab to set up the big punches."

Cook launched his career back in 2008 after winning season 7 of American Idol. He has since gone on to break Billboard records and has recently released a new EP titled "Chromance."

You can watch the full interview above and catch Cook on Broadway now through May 5 in Kinky Boots the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.