Ealing Police Department

Stolen Pug Reunited With Owners By Way Of Microchip Database

July 10, 2018 - 2:15 pm

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Snuggles the pug is happy to be back with his best friend! 

The chipper canine was allegedly stolen after a burglary happened in his home in the U.K., but after some life-saving detective work, officers of the Ealing Police Department were able to reunite Snuggles with his owner and she was equally as happy to have her beloved dog back. 

In a post on Facebook, the department explained how Snuggles was found living with new owners who were unaware of how she came to them and urges pet owners to microchip their animals so heartwarming reunions like this can happen more often. 

"The true identity of the dog had been uncovered when the new owner had followed new legislation and tried to register her Pug on the Microchip database... They were also just as upset by how Snuggles had been taken from her home. They were sad at having to give her up but were glad they could help reunite the family."