Washington Township Police

Police Officer Performs Emergency C-Section To Save Baby Deer After Accident

"No amount of coffee is too much today lol."

May 22, 2018 - 11:44 am

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

An officer never expected that he’d be performing an impromptu surgery after a pregnant deer was killed in an accident.  

The mom-to-be was carrying two baby fawns at the time of the crash and one had already died, so officer J. Vernon gave a c-section on the side of the road to save the remaining fawn.

Animal control officer Robert Lagonera shared the incredible story on the Washington Township Police Facebook page writing that Officer Vernon saved the fawn and even used his chest to help start her underdeveloped lungs.

"This morning was too crazy to ignore," Lagonera said in the post. "Starting at 3:30 am i was dispatched to a deceased doe that was just hit and still had moving fawn inside of it... I arrived and took it home to dry it off and get it warm while rubbing its chest to help the underdeveloped lungs work... While doing that i got dispatched again for a loose horse," he explained. "Now I’m running around getting the premature fawn the care it needs. No amount of coffee is too much today lol."

What a day in the field!