Covenant Church

Pastor, Non-Profit Help Community Pay Off Over $10 Million In Medical Debt

April 06, 2018 - 2:17 pm

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

After facing extreme debt from medical bills following a life-saving surgery, this man has found the perfect way to help others in need.

Pastor Stephen Hayes of Covenant Church in Dallas, TX helped pay off over 10 million dollars of debt for over 4,000 people working alongside a non-profit called RIP Medical Debt, that helped pay off the debt by buying it at a lower price.

Pastor Hayes spent 12 days in intensive care after being struck by a car and falling into a coma when he was a teenager. Thankfully he awoke from the coma but his family was subsequently bogged down by the growing medical bills. His father's church, who prayed for his healing back then eventually helped pay off those bills -- and now Pastor Hayes is doing the same for families and military veterans in his community.

The mega-church headed by Hayes donated $100,000 to help those within a 20-mile radius of their location and the non-profit he teamed up with translates every dollar donated to the group into $100 in debt paid off.

In this case, that came out to be $10,551,618 in medical debt forgiven for 4,229 families in the Dallas area.

Visit the websites of Covenant Church and RIP Medical Debt for further information.