Berlin Zoo

Oldest Gorilla Enjoys Delicious Cake to Celebrate 61st Birthday

April 13, 2018 - 2:15 pm

By Kayla Jardine

Fatou the gorilla has every reason to have her cake and eat it too!


The lovable animal at the Berlin Zoo just turned 61-years-old making her one of two oldest gorillas in the world, so her zookeepers decided to make her a yummy rice-based cake full of fruit. 

The zoo wrote "Like humans, gorillas shouldn’t eat too much sugar. Fruit contains so much fructose that it isn’t healthy for apes to have it too often."


Berlin Zoo

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Clearly, the famous primate enjoyed her rare snack, because she couldn't stop eating the treats.

The zoo isn’t sure exactly how old Fatou is since she was brought there in 1959 from a French bar after a sailor used her as payment. "A hard-drinking sailor had used her to pay his tab at a tavern in Marseille," they wrote, "after which the young gorilla was taken across Europe and ended up in Zoo Berlin."

Regardless, this gorilla is ready to go bananas on her birthday!