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Kill 'Em With Kindness: Candace Cameron Bure Shuts Down Social Media Trolls In The Nicest Way Possible

April 25, 2018 - 1:19 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Candace Cameron Bure doesn't have time for your negativity, just check her Instagram. 

Earlier this week Bure was questioned about her weight while posing with her son for a picture. 

"All that (exercising) and you still look like you weigh more than your husband, did you change your diet?" 

Click Here to see the Instagram photo.

Bure wasted little time shutting the user down with a little reality check. 

"If a 25-inch waist looks big to you … then you're looking through an altered lens. Be well,"

Her response is a reflection of her new book "Kind is the New Classy", which hit book shelves Tuesday. Bure joined Rebecca Granet on The Trend and says she always goes back to what her mom told her when dealing with social media. 

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all."   

"The more we feed into it,  the angrier those people can be. The more they feel bold to continue to comment. To diffuse it, if you come back with a classy response, most of the time they'll let it go, they'll go to another page, they'll walk away. But we all have to continually choose that and not allow our emotions to get so riled up that we attack back." 

The "Fuller House" star is hoping her words can help change minds. In her new book, Candace describes her the thought patterns and practices that have empowered her to stay centered in who she is.

"I wanted to put the spotlight back on kindness," Bure said. "There is a point when you have to make the decision. Which way do I want to be? What emotions am I going to chose to act on? And I've found that kindness always wins. And even if it may not win in the moment so to speak, in terms of a discussion with someone. I always win because I'm at peace. I know  I've taken the higher road and I can always walk away proud." 

To watch the full interview and find out what they planned for Season 4 of "Fuller House" check out the video above.