Brevard Zoo

Honey Bees Are Helping Injured Sea Turtles Heal Their Wounds

April 03, 2018 - 3:46 pm

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

There’s a lot of buzz going on right now at the sea turtle healing center at Florida's Brevard Zoo!

Staff at the zoo take in animals from around the country and use a very special ingredient to help them get better -- honey.

Specifically, sea turtles which are frequently struck by boats or attacked by predators are being given special help to heal their shells using honey from bees that also live on the property and are maintained by Brevard Backyard Beekeepers, Inc. The sticky-sweet substance harvested from the zoo’s own beehives acts as an antibacterial agent to speed up the healing process… making for some pretty happy turtles!


"We regularly take in turtles that have been struck by boats or propellers or attacked by predators, which can lead to some pretty serious injuries," said Melanie Stadler, the Zoo’s sea turtle program coordinator. "Honey has remarkable antibacterial properties that, when applied topically, help their wounds heal with a much lower risk of infection. We’re treating four patients with honey right now."

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