High School Senior Poses For Prom Pics with Marine Boyfriend's 2-Year-Old Brother

March 23, 2018 - 4:33 pm

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

High school student Skylar Fontaine almost had to attend her senior prom alone -- until she had a stroke of genius.

Skylar’s boyfriend, Private Gage Moak, is currently stationed for military combat training, so she decided to have his two-year-old brother Clay pose with her in his place.

"When I realized he wouldn’t be home for prom I had mixed emotions," Fontaine tells "I was upset, but at the same time... I support him 100% and I’m willing to deal with him being away because he’s the one making the ultimate sacrifice. I have been with him through his entire process of becoming a Marine, and that has given us a special bond."

The toddler even sported a Marines costume to help look the part.

"I thought this would be a sweet gesture to send to my boyfriend. He is a family man and very sentimental. He always puts his family first, and that's his motivation to be a United States Marine -- and Clay wants to be just like his big brother!"

Though Clay couldn’t attend the actual prom, Skylar said he loved taking the pictures and even got a haircut for the special occasion.

While the little Marine had big shoes to fill, he really stepped up for his big brother and everyone got to enjoy some cute pictures too!

"My boyfriend was so thrilled -- it really touched his heart," says Fontaine. "I received so much amazing feedback from our friends and family!

"Even though Gage is 1,000 miles away, a Moak still made sure I had a great prom! It meant so much to me to have Gage be a part of my night, even though he couldn't actually be here with me."