Granite State Dog Recovery

Family Reunited With Lost Dog 8 Months After Going Missing

April 06, 2018 - 3:40 pm

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

After eight long months without their dog Beowulf, this New Hampshire family has finally been reunited with their beloved pet!

Back in May of 2017, Beowulf was outside when he got scared and bolted into the woods. Despite their best efforts, his family couldn’t find their dog and had lost hope until the golden retriever was spotted on a local camera nearly eight months later.

Since it was the dead of winter in New Hampshire and temperatures could reach negative 35, members of Granite State Dog Recovery had to work fast to rescue Beowulf.

After the organization figured out the sneaky dog’s whereabouts he still kept them on their toes for 86 days trying to avoid being caught. Finally, Beowulf was found and reunited with his family who was extremely happy to have their best friend back!