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Ethan Hawke Not Surprised Cynthia Nixon Is Getting Into Politics: 'She's A Very Accomplished Brain'

April 19, 2018 - 2:29 pm

By Joe Cingrana


Back in March of 2018 former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon announced she would be challenging current Governor Andrew Cuomo this September in New York's Democratic primary, setting up a race between an openly gay liberal activist versus a two-term incumbent with a $30 million war chest and possible presidential ambitions.

"We want our government to work again. On health care, ending massive incarceration, fixing our broken subway,'' Nixon said in a video announcing her candidacy. "We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us.''

When actor Ethan Hawke recently sat down to talk about his new film project Stockholm with Rebecca Granet on 1010 WINS' The Trend, the discussion turned to his industry friend and fellow New Yorker Nixon whom he says he's not at all surprised about her decision to get into politics -- although he would never consider the same route for himself.

"No, I would never run for office," Hawke said with a smile. "I enjoy life too much."

"I did a play when we were very young together, like 20-years-old," Hawke remembers, "and you know if you told me then that she was going to be governor of New York, I would have believed you. She's a very serious person and she's a very accomplished brain. The way she thinks about people, the way she treats people, the way she thinks about the world is very impressive.

"It does not surprise me that she's running for governor."

Stockholm, featuring Noomi Rapace, Mark Strong, and Ethan Hawke, follows the strange but true story of the infamous 1973 hostage crisis in Stockholm, Sweden best known as the origin of the term "Stockholm syndrome." The film is scheduled for release later in 2018 -- watch a clip from the Tribeca Film Festival HERE (NSFW language).

Watch the full interview with Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace & Robert Budreau on The Trend talking about their new project Stockholm below.