Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo Elephant Celebrates Second Birthday In Style

May 14, 2018 - 2:23 pm

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Ajabu the elephant who lives at the Dallas Zoo celebrated his second birthday in style!

The elephant who was a surprise to zoo staff after being found in the elephant barn seemed to enjoy his special yummy cake, though he couldn't resist playing with it too.

Zoo staff posted a birthday message along with video saying "It's hard to believe it's been 24 months since we found this surprise calf in our elephant barn. If it wasn't for our commitment to save his mom Mlilo from drought-stricken Swaziland, Africa, this little guy wouldn't be here today, thriving in our care. It's all because we took a chance, a major one."

The little guy was born at 175 pounds and has since grown to weigh over 1,500 -- and he’s not done growing yet!

"His tusks are growing in, which makes him a little uncomfortable, similar to when babies teeth. He still nurses and will do so for another year. He's becoming more independent, but is still mama's boy. He loves to chase birds, push logs, dig holes, mud wallow, and play in the water cannon (err, more like, charge the water cannon like the big, bad boy he thinks he is)."

No matter how old Ajabu gets, we hope the adorable boy will always remember the importance of a delicious cake!

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