Boy's Lost Toy Returned By Walt Disney World Staff: "Disney Magic Is Real!"

March 20, 2018 - 5:01 pm

By Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana

The magic of Disney certainly doesn't end when you leave the park -- and this South Florida family now knows this truth first-hand.

Upon returning from their trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, the Ramsaran family was devastated to learn they had left behind a toy purchased for their son. On their last day in the park, dad Shane, mom Kelly and their four-year-old son Wes took one last ride on Buzz Lightyear -- the Toy Story-themed ride featured at the Magic Kingdom and Wes' favorite. Afterward, for being such a good listener during their vacation, Wes asked for a new toy to add to his collection at home and was granted his wish.

In a post on Facebook, Kelly tells the story: "So he picks out Slinky dog! “Mommy, Buzz and Woody are going to be so happy when they see Slinky dog when we get home!” (He got Buzz and woody from Santa)."

After checking out of their resort, and a special "Rapunzel Breakfast" with Slinky Dog in tow, the family walked through the shops one last time before their long drive home.

"I handed slinky to daddy while I went to the restroom," Kelly explains. "An hour later, in the car, I asked where slinky was..... daddy forgot him on a bench inside the store while he and my son played with the pirate toys. We were devastated!"

Panicked, Kelly got on the phone with the resort, left messages and attempted to find another online eventually telling her son that, "just like when Buzz and woody got lost from Andy, they found their way home and slinky was going to find his way home to us."

And find his way home he did!

When the family returned home, Kelly received a call from Disney telling her the toy was found and that Mickey Mouse would be taking care of the shipping. A few days later, Slinky Dog arrived at the door with a few friends, a note, and a bunch of photos showing what he was up to the whole time he was missing!

"It seems like Slinky wasn't ready for his trip to the Boardwalk Resort to end," the note reads. "We found him and some old friends playing around the resort and we hope you don't mind but they wanted to join Slinky on his journey home!"

Kelly's reaction to the news was priceless: "Omg you guys. Disney Magic is real!!"

Check out the adorable photos from Slinky's trip below!

Way to go, Disney!