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Anna Akana Opens Up About Finding Love & Her New Leading Role On YouTube Red Series, "Youth & Consequences"

March 09, 2018 - 3:37 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- YouTuber Anna Akana is single, but perhaps not quite yet ready to mingle. 

Akana, who now stars in YouTube Red’s new 30-minute, teen dramady series "Youth & Consequences" tells our Rebecca Granet that she's ready to focus on herself. 

"I've been going through a breakup recently and so one of the things I've been thinking of is like maybe I'm a little too obsessed with being in a relationship because I haven't been single since I was like 15. I've always found someone and been like, I like you let's do this."

And while the 28-year old comedian isn't swearing men off altogether, she is trying to find the right balance. 

"As a woman, we have the biological clock of do I actually want kids. If I want kids I have to meet someone and have kids by like 34 otherwise it's like unsafe for my body, that means I have to meet someone like now so we're together for five years before we get married. It just feels like there's so much pressure around this decision that maybe I've been letting that rule my life and letting a lot of stuff fly that I otherwise wouldn't have. But at the same time I don't want to deny myself love because of some extreme viewpoint that I should be doing something else."

But Akana is doing much more than balancing her personal life. Her time is spread out between multiple digital projects including "Youth & Consequences" which premiered this week on YouTube Red.

The series follows Anna’s character, Farrah Cutney, the queen of Central Rochester High.

"Not only is it great to be the lead of a teen show, but our show comments a lot on like social issues and political issues and has really strong messages that I believe in." 

"One of our story lines is about a transgendered kid who's being touted against his will, and also the bathroom laws that were going into effect. One of the things that Jason Ubaldi, the creator and writer, and myself wanted to do was really use the show to comment on current headlines and make a strong political statement about what's going on today."

You can watch the full interview with Anna above, and find out why she would "love" a sky burial.