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What a mess! Woman says booze fueled maids trashed her apartment

October 03, 2018 - 12:09 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A Brooklyn woman says she has a mess on her hands thanks to a cleaning crew that polished off all her liquor.

Genievieve Snow claims she hired two women from Joanna's Cleaning Service to clean her Williamsburg Apartment, but instead they spent the time trashing the place and drinking all of her booze.

Her roommate found one of the women passed out on the kitchen floor and called the cops, but the New York Post said they didn't take a report because the women hadn't committed a crime.

“My roommate came home to one of them blacked out face-down in our kitchen and the other long gone. My spice rack was smashed, my marble coffee table upended which smashed a stone bowl, keys were gone, booze was gone and chocolate ice cream left on the sofa,” she said.

Her roommate said she initially discovered the cleaners lounging on the couch enjoying a bite to eat.

“You know when you are not supposed to be doing something, people jerk up really quickly? They did that,” said roommate Kristen Nepomuceno.

When she returned home from work at Soul Cycle it appeared things had escalated.

“I walk in and see bare feet — she is literally lying right here (the kitchen floor),” Nepomuceno said.

Nepomuceno left and returned with police to find the maid awake, eating a pint of ice cream on the couch.

“She is licking ice cream and hammered, beyond hammered. She drank one whole bottle of Broker’s Gin and [most of] a bottle of Kettle,” Nepomuceno told the Post.

When Snow called the company she said they gave her a sob story about how the husband of one of the women had just left her.

“Her husband left her after 19 years marriage, and that day when she was cleaning your apartment she had the phone call that her teenage daughter is pregnant,” Joanna Oltuszewska wrote in an email. “She couldn’t stop her emotions and that’s why she used the alcohol, that's never happened before.”

The situation took another turn when Snow left a bad Yelp review for Joanna's Cleaning Service.

A woman claiming to be Joanna Sokolowska said it wasn't her maids who cleaned the apartment, and that she suspected Oltuszweska -- a former employee -- took her for a ride. Snow says she just wants to get to the bottom of it all. She's out $400 for the damage.