WATCH: Pregnant woman, boyfriend attacked in store parking lot on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2018 - 2:32 pm

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. -- A pregnant Virginia woman and her boyfriend were shockingly attacked by a vicious mob on Thanksgiving in a store parking lot.

The attack -- which happened outside a Guitar Center around 9:30 a.m. -- was captured on video by a bystander.

Rosalinda Cunningham, who is nine-months pregnant and  her boyfriend Vincent Pace were leaving the lot, headed to the hospital, after she began having contractions while shopping.

But as they pulled out of the lot, they were surrounded by a mob for an unknown reason. 

"They literally just stood in front of the car -- started banging on the car -- kicking the car telling him to get out of the vehicle," Cunningham told WTVR

Added Pace: "And they tell me to get out of the vehicle -- my doors are locked her doors  are unlocked. They tried to drag her out."

Pace said he got out of the car to protect his pregnant girlfriend when a group of teenagers began to attack him.

"Every time I got up they pushed me -- knocked me back down," said Pace.

Cunningham said when she tried to fight back to get the attacker off her boyfriend, a woman who appeared to be related to one of the attackers ran over and began hitting her.

The couple made it to the hospital, where an ultrasound revealed the baby is OK. 

The Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office who were called to the scene after the attack. Officials are investigating.