New Westminster PD

WATCH: Man has epic meltdown at donut shop over incorrect order

October 02, 2018 - 1:35 pm

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (1010 WINS) -- Another day, another donut shop meltdown.

Police in the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster are on the hunt for a man in his twenties who lost it over an iced cappuccino at a Tim Horton's.


The Sept. 6 meltdown was caught on a surveillance camera and shows the man pouring the drink on the counter and pushing the cash register onto the floor.

Police said he was upset because his drink order was incorrect and proceeded to verbally abuse the staff. The man also allegedly punched and kicked another customer who attempted to calm down the situation, police said.

“It is concerning that someone can become that irate over an apparently incorrect order, but thankfully nobody was seriously injured,” New Westminster spokesperson Sgt. Jeff Scott said. “We are asking for the assistance of the public to identify the suspect, which will help continue our investigation into the alleged assault and mischief."