WATCH: Drake Bell on being too racy for YouTube

February 26, 2019 - 6:08 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) --  In 2004, Nickelodeon found success with its original series "Drake & Josh," but star Drake Bell says the hit show almost never came to be.

Bell told 1010 WINS' Rebecca Granet during an interview on "The Trend," that the hit series was delayed a few times before finally getting picked up.

"Nickelodeon was not into Drake & Josh at all,"  he said.

"We shot a pilot, and then they waited a year to even let us know anything. Then after a year, we got picked up, so we had to reshoot the pilot because there were some cast changes. So we reshot the pilot, and then when we reshot the pilot, it was like another six months to wait to see if we were going to be officially picked up. And then, they picked us up for six episodes."

Four seasons, 56 episodes, and multiple Kid's Choice Awards later, it's clear Nickelodeon made the right choice. But despite all the success, Bell still isn't sure what took so long to get everyone on board.

"They had stuff on the network like it, but I don't know if it was because it was more like "Amanda Show," "All That" ... I don't know why they didn't jump on it."

Drake has since moved on to other projects, including his music career, which now has him on tour. The 32-year old singer recently released an array new hits including a Spanish-infused track titled "Fuego Lento," which has accumulated over 10 million streams since it's release last year.

"Singing in Spanish, it kind of gave me that sort of feeling of that classic love of like, waiting, and courting, and this whole kind of, letting it build up into the explosion."

And while the song is as hot at the title indicates, the video is what's creating the heat at the moment. YouTube has put an age restriction due to the content.

"I just keep making these music videos, and then I upload them on YouTube, and then they restrict them," he said "'Rewind' is restricted, you have to sign in for it. 'Fuego Lento,' is restricted, you have to sign in for it. I just go an make cool music videos and then YouTube restricts them."

To hear more about Bell's busy music career and who Bell credits as his style icon, watch the video above.