Elderly man robbed in Hawaii fish market


WATCH: Cameras catch thief stalking 95-year-old victim

January 18, 2019 - 3:59 pm

HONOLULU (1010 WINS) -- Surveillance cameras caught a thief stalking and preying on a 95-year-old man in broad daylight.

It all went down at a Hawaii fish market.

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Family members say their father is hard of hearing and doesn't speak English. Lupo Fernandez was about to buy fish at a counter when the suspect pounced, grabbed his wallet, and took off before he knew what was happening.

A Twitter user with the handle @Caseeeyx3 says the man in the video is her grandfather, and that thief was waiting to take advantage of an older customer.

"My grandpa is 95 years old and was doing some grocery shopping earlier today in Chinatown... As you can tell by the video mainly elderly people go there to do their shopping.." she said.

Fernandez lost $40, his ID cards, bus pass, and a picture of his late wife.

Fernandez's family says he wasn't hurt, but returned home upset and out of breath, Hawaii News Now reports.

"He was shaking. Hopefully the guy who did this to him gets caught. What he did is not right," Fernandez's son Rogelio said.

"I was so sad and I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. It was heartbreaking. I don't want anybody else to do this again," his daughter added.

Elderly residents have been attacked in the neighborhood before. Hawaii News Now reports, a woman was robbed and fell to the ground after struggling with a suspect who took her purse.