WATCH: Ahead of Hip Hop Film Festival, 'Blue Flame' cast talks about the new series

July 30, 2019 - 1:06 pm

By: Sharon Barnes-Waters

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The Annual Hip Hop Film Festival is back in it’s 4th season and runs Thursday August 1st to Sunday, August 4th at the National Black Theater in Harlem.

City Views host Sharon Barnes-Waters, sat down with the Director, Producer and cast of a new series called “Blue Flame,” ahead of it’s debut at the festival.

The show, about 5 female undercover police officers working in the Paterson Police Department, was created by Director Michael Pinckney and Producer Lt. Sharon Easton, who worked for the Paterson P.D. for over 30 years.

Easton told Barnes-Waters that the stories in the series are true and mostly from Det. Sgt. Ivette Otero, who she went to the police academy with, worked with and who was known for her outstanding undercover work in the department. “Whenever we wanted to try something different or do some undercover work or do some narcotics work we would actually go through lvette and she would actually train us on how to do undercover work so all the stories are true.”

The characters come from diverse backgrounds and have complicated lives but they teach us an important lesson Pinckney said. “Officers are human and flawed and have lives, it’s kind of when we were kids we thought teachers didn’t have a life so it’s important to have the whole picture of who officers are so we can be a little more empathic, and know they are real people, they have feelings, they have things that there battling with just like we do.”

In the show, these women face challenging situations and have to put egos and personalities aside to get the job done. Eastern explained that is just what the women in the Paterson Police Department had to do. “You have every age group of women. Everybody has their ups and downs but within the police department the women there will pull each other’s coat, we will make sure that the cattiness cease.”

Although the actors looked to Lt. Easton for accuracy in shaping their characters, Pinckney said he also gave them room to explore, develop and grow into their roles. “We felt like we had it on the page, to really help them dig into the characters and we wanted to give them a little room to be spontaneous and just discover who the characters are without us talking too much.”

“Blue Flame” will be screened at the Hip Hop Film Festival on Friday, August 2nd.

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