Wake Forest basketball coach charged in deadly attack on tourist in New York

August 10, 2018 - 4:49 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A 35-year-old college basketball coach from North Carolina has pleaded not guilty to third-degree assault charges in connection with the fatal attack on a Florida tourist in Queens.

Jamill Jones of Kernerville, N.C., was charged in the Sunday morning attack on Sabor Szabo, 35, in Long Island City.

Jones is an assistant coach at the ACC basketball program at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. 

Sandor Szabo's death has been ruled a homicide -- the cause; blunt impact injury to the head. It could mean upgraded charges for Jones.

He said as he sat in his SUV at 1 a.m. Szabo started pounding on his window thinking Jones was an Uber driver. He admits to punching the man and leaving, not realizing that he hit his head and died.


The parents of a Szabo said they don't accept the coach's condolences.

Bob and Donna Kent tell NBC's "Today'' show that Jones, should have tried to save their son 's life after punching him.

Jones' lawyer called Szabo's death "a tragic accident.''

Donna Kent says Jones' condolences are "are a little bit too late.''

Szabo was in town for his stepsister's wedding. He was reportedly intoxicated and was banging on cars, awaiting an Uber car he had ordered, when he banged on Jones' SUV.

Szabo fell to the ground and was transported to the hospital where he died.

Upgraded charges could wait until he returns to court in October, or he could be called back in and held without bail.

Jones' attorney called Szabo's death an accident by punch.

"The Jones family sends their deepest condolonces and sympathis to the Szabo family, we won't be making any further comments," his attorney said.

Szabo's family rejected the apology saying is it was an accident Jones should have called for help or provided aid.