Vigil held for victims of Chinatown homeless killings, IDs and cause of death released

Kimberly Dole
October 07, 2019 - 7:10 am

Sonia Rincon/ 1010 WINS


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Friends of the victims lit candles and left flowers, while advocates for them, promised to do better at a vigil held Monday or the four homeless men that were killed in a violent rampage in Chinatown on Saturday.

The Medical Examiner's Office also on Monday released the identities of the three of the men: Nazario A. Vazquez Villegas, 55; Chuen Kok, 83; and Anthony L. Manson, 49. The cause of death in all four cases is Blunt Impact Head Trauma with Skull Fractures and Brain Injury

Although the city has gotten over 100 people off the streets in the Downtown area, it "wasn't soon enough, we weren't quick enough for the five people who were the victims of this crime," says Steven Banks, the City Department of Social Services Commisioner.

Community activist Carlen Chen says "people are in shock, saying 'Wow, four murders in our community overnight.'" 

"We do have a large homeless population here, but none of them are violent," he adds.

The arraignment for Randy Rodruiguez Santos, the man accused of killing four homeless men with a metal rod, happened late Sunday afternoon where he is being held with no bail.  

Sonia Rincon

Sonia Rincón

Sonia Rincon

Prosecutors said Santos was shown video of the assaults during an interrogation and acknowledged he was the person in the video.


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