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UPS facility was ‘living hell’ for black employees: lawsuit

March 15, 2019 - 2:16 pm

MAUMEE, OH (1010 WINS) -- Workers at a UPS center in Ohio say the facility is a 'living hell' for black employees.

Pamela Camper told CNN that she cries herself to sleep at night when she thinks about the conditions that she'll be returning to in the morning.

"I work with employees that I know that don't like my skin color, but yet, and still I have to deal with it,"  she said.

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Camper described an atmosphere that mimics the 1960s, complete with a white driver who refused to deliver packages to a black neighborhood that she described with a racial slur.

Camper and 18 coworkers have filed suit against the company for harassment and discrimination. They claim management ignored or encouraged the behavior.

"I cry every night because nothing has changed," she says. "Not only do I cry for myself, I cried for the black employees that worked in that facility because I see it all."

Antonio Lino concurs. He says he was harassed because of the color of his skin, and that the company has done nothing to fix a hostile work environment.

"I walked into work, I set up like I normally do, and I just happened to look over my shoulder and it was a noose hanging over my workspace first thing Monday morning," Lino says.

Glenn Zaccara, UPS' director of corporate media relations, called the actions 'abhorrent' and said action had been taken.

"The company has strict policies against harassment and discrimination. Diversity and inclusion are core values at UPS -- a diverse and inclusive work environment helps our employees feel safe and valued every day, spurs innovation and new ideas, and reflects the diversity of the global community served by our company. When an incident is reported, UPS takes the matter seriously, thoroughly investigates and takes appropriate disciplinary action against those found responsible for misconduct," he said.

Camper said she's endured 30 years with the company because she needs and wants a good job.