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United Mistakenly Flies Dog To Japan Instead Of Kansas City

March 14, 2018 - 11:53 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/AP) -- United Airlines is investigating after mistakenly flying a Kansas family's dog to Japan.
Kara Swindle and her two children flew from Oregon to Kansas City, Missouri, Tuesday on a United flight, according to KCTV.
When they went to a cargo facility to pick up 10-year-old Irgo, a German shepherd, but were instead given a Great Dane. Swindle, of Wichita, Kansas, learned Irgo had been put on a flight to Japan, where the Great Dane was supposed to go.
Airline officials in Japan put Irgo on a flight back to Kansas City. It isn't clear when the dog will arrive.
The news of Irgo's unplanned odyssey comes as United admits another dog died after a flight attendant forced it to travel in an overhead bin on a Houston-to-New York flight.

The 10-month-old dog died on a United Airlines flight from Houston to New York.

United claims Kokito's death was a tragic accident, that the flight attendant saw a bag blocking the aisle and did not know there was a dog in it. The owner's 11-year-old daughter Sophia said her mother told the attendant.

"We're like, 'it's a dog, it's a dog,' and she's like, 'it doesn't matter, you still have to put it up there," Sophia Ceballos said.

Her mother claims the flight attendant felt the bag.
United said it was taking responsibility for the incident on the Monday night flight, saying pets should never be put in the overhead storage compartment.

Last year, 18 animals died while being transported on United — there were six cases on all other U.S. carriers combined, according to the Department of Transportation.

United has suffered a string of incidents that generated bad publicity in the last two years, including the violent removal of a passenger from a United Express plane to make room for a crew member, and the death of a giant rabbit — its Iowa owners sued the airline, which they said cremated the animal to destroy evidence about the cause of death.