Nassau County police have found a body after a search in East Meadow.

Carol D'Auria/1010 WINS

Uniondale man charged in apparent MS-13 killing

August 30, 2018 - 11:30 am

EAST MEADOW, NY (1010 WINS) -- The remains of a teenage boy have turned up in a wooded section of East Meadow near Kellenberg Memorial High School and Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said while they don't have an ID on the victim, they know who killed him.

"We do know that the individuals that are responsible for this murder and many of the other murders that we've had over the last two years are MS-13, we believe that we have about five of these individuals involved already in custody," he said.

Carlos Benitez-Hernandez, 21, of Uniondale has been charged with this murder.

"He has a violent criminal history with weapons, gang assault, intimidating victims," Homicide Chief Stephen Fitzpatrick said.

Police believe the victim -- in his late teens -- was killed about a year ago where the body was found. A DNA test will be used to get an ID.

Fitzpatrick said Benitez-Hernandez got out of prison shortly before the killing. The victim was lured to the location, stabbed, and hacked to death with knives and machetes.

"It's more the gang's displeasure with his actions within the group or something that they felt was disrespectful to them or a threat to them," he said.