This NJ couple was kicked out of an Uber because of its homophobic driver

David Caplan
September 09, 2019 - 4:06 pm



NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A New Jersey couple just wanted to go see the Zac Brown Band perform, but their night out was ruined after an ugly caught-on-camera confrontation with a homophobic Uber driver, who has since been left go by the car-sharing app. 

Kristin Michele and Jenn Mangan were en route to the band's concert in Camden Friday night, when Michele leanded over and kissed Mangan on the cheek.

The Uber driver's reaction? She pulled over and demanded the women exit the car.

Michele posted a video to Facebook of the woman indeed saying she did not want the couple in the car because they are gay,

"This woman picked me up as my uber driver," Michele wrote. "We took off. I gave my girlfriend a kiss on the cheek and she pulled the car over and said 'you need to get out of my car.' I asked why. She said 'I won’t have that in my car.' I asked what she was referring to. She said 'you need to get out of my car because you are gay.'

In the video, Michele asks the driver if she's kicking her out because she's gay. "Yes, I am. Yes. Get out.

The driver continued to argue she can reject any ride she wants to. 

But Uber begs to differ.

“Uber does not tolerate discrimination in any form and we have been in contact with this rider,” spokesman Grant Klinzman said. "We removed the driver’s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of this incident.”