Feb. 5, 2018; Blue Ash, OH, USA; President Donald Trump tours and speaks at Sheffer Corporation.

Credit: Kareem Elgazzar/The Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY NETWORK

Trump: Sessions Made ‘Very Terrible Mistake’ In Recusing Himself

April 10, 2018 - 10:04 am

WASHINGTON (1010 WINS) -- President Donald Trump didn't waste much time responding to Monday's, FBI raid on the offices of his personal attorney Michael Cohen -- it was the work of the U.S. attorney's office on a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller -- the president called it a total witch hunt and an attack on our country. He's also unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"He should have certainly let us know if he was going to recuse himself, and we would have used, put a different attorney general in. So he made what I consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country," Trump said.

The president also took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to lament the death of 'attorney-client privilege.'

So what were the raiders looking for? Presumably items related to the Stormy Daniels non-disclosure payment, which raises the question of what this has to do with Mueller's investigation.

While the feds declined to say what the raid targeted, it's been reported that the FBI seized documents related to adult film actress Stormy Daniels and many other things. Attorney Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to Daniels in the days before the election. Cohen's attorney called the search completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

The raid was carried out as part of a case assigned to federal prosecutors in New York.

Asked whether he is going to fire Mueller, the president said 'we will see.'