Children trick or treating


Trick-or-treating still OK in NJ town regardless of age

October 11, 2018 - 2:17 pm

UPPER DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, NJ (1010 WINS) -- Trick-or-treating in Upper Deerfield has no age limit, despite earlier reports that claimed there was an ordinance banning anyone over the age of 12 from partaking in the Halloweek tradition. 

Town administrator Roy Spoltore said in a statement obtained by News 12 New Jersey, "There has not been any enforcement of the suggested age."

He did add, though, that the town has suggested barring trick-or-treaters over the age of 30. 

In Chesapeake, Virginia, though, trick-or-treaters over the age of 12 can be slapped with a $100 fine and six months in jail.

“If any person shall engage in the activity commonly known as ‘trick or treat’ or any other activity of similar character or nature under any name whatsoever after 8 p.m., he or she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,” Chesapeake’s City Code 46-8 says.

Authorities called the move a safety measure, and said older trick-or-treaters accompanying children won't be punished.