The Trend: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ finalists prepare for fall tour

October 21, 2018 - 3:51 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – The 15-time Emmy award-winning show “So You Think You Can Dance” is hitting the road this fall with another installment of its blockbuster tour.

“So You Think You Can Dance Live! 2018” will features the Top 10 contestants from Season 15.

Fan favorites such as Jensen Arnold, Hannahlei Cabanilla, Genessy Castillo, Evan DeBenedetto and Jay Jay Dixonbey will be joining the tour.

Castillo, Cabanilla and Arnold discussed the most recent season of the show and how it’s prepared them for the upcoming tour with 1010 WINS’ Rebecca Granet.

“We’re doing a lot of the same dances with did on the live show,” Arnold explained.

“It’s so amazing to be with all my best friends that I made on the show,” Cabanilla explained. “The show has been so amazing, it’s so hectic at times, but it pays off meeting our fans – the ones who have supported us throughout the whole show.”

While additional cast announcements are expected, concertgoers can also expect to see performances by Magdalena Fialek, Darius Hickman, Chelsea Hough, Cole Mills and Slavik Pustovoytov.

Lauren Froderman, the winner of the seventh season and Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, the runner-up on Season 9, will also join the tour.

As for the three Season 15 finalists, they all said that “So You Think You Can Dance” greatly prepared them for the tour, but agreed that being on live television was drastically different.

“When you’re dancing on that stage, you like blackout,” Arnold said. “I don’t remember like looking at anybody, doing anything. My body just went into autopilot and I just dance.”

After the tour, the three finalists are all looking to expand their dance careers and Cabanilla will even appear in a televised production of “R.E.N.T.”

Kicking off on Oct. 13 in Atlantic City, the show performs in 40-plus markets over the course of two months before coming to a close on Dec. 9 at INB Performing Arts Building in Spokane, W.A.

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