‘Tampon tax’ protest being held in NYC on 1st National Period Day

1010 WINS Newsroom
October 19, 2019 - 1:02 pm

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Saturday is the first National Period Day—and we’re not talking about punctuation.

In observation of the day, rallies are planned in all 50 states to protest what’s called the “tampon tax.”

Tampon taxes have been done away with in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and New York City provides free tampons and pads to all public school students.

But 35 states still have taxes on menstrual products, considering them nonessential.

Most women would beg to differ, and protesters are holding a rally at City Hall Park Saturday afternoon.

“Menstrual hygiene is a right, not a luxury, and the tampon tax tells us that it's essentially a luxury," activist Nadya Okamoto told “Good Morning America.”

“That assumption is one of our biggest barriers in front of us, so we need to take that down so we can continue to fight for menstrual equity,” Okamoto, 21, said.

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