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Stone: Mueller Interview Could Be ‘Perjury Trap’ For Trump

April 07, 2018 - 10:49 am

WASHINGTON D.C. (1010 WINS) -- President Trump may be getting ready to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about Russia.

While the president has not formally agreed to a sit down interview with Mueller, the preparations underway are a sign that the president's legal team is intensifying deliberations over whether to allow him to come under Robert Mueller's questioning. It's also a clear sign that Trump and his legal team remain open to the possibility of an interview.

Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone warned that the interview could be a perjury trap -- telling CNN that Mueller is looking for a process-related crime, and comes in with political bias.

Stone has also agreed to provide documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee, even though he says the request is approaching absurd. He denied any connection with Wikileaks' dump of Hillary Clinton's emails.

"I had no advanced notice of the content, source or exact timing of the Wikileaks disclosures including the allegedly hacked emails. I never received anything whatsoever from Wikileaks, Julian Assange, anyone associated with them, or anyone else including allegedly hacked emails, and passed them on to Donald Trump," Stone said.

Stone denied working with Russia to influence the election.

CNN also reports that Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort is challenging an FBI search warrant of a storage unit where he kept his records. He claims the agents got permission from a former employee who didn't have the right to give it. It's part of Manafort's continuing effort to challenge the long list of charges against him.