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Stew Leonard Says He’d Happily Supply Meat For North Korean Burger Joint

June 02, 2018 - 11:50 am

PYONGYANG (1010 WINS) -- How about a beer and burger to get the U.S. and North Korea on common ground?

Kim Jong Un says he's thinking about opening a western hamburger franchise as a sign of goodwill.

That prompted Stew Leonard of the local supermarket chain to offer some help.

"We all the peace process going on, and how Kim Jong Un wants to open up a U.S. type Americana burger joint over in North Korea, and we said you know what would be really neat? Let's take our filet mignon burger and donate them to the opening of their burger joint over there," he said.

Sounds tastier than a kimchi stand.

Leonard said he's ready to donate 10,000 burgers to the cause.