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Social Sound Off: Commuters vent about Thursday's snow s**t show

November 16, 2018 - 9:58 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The morning after the first snowstorm of the season stranded drivers on area roads for several hours, turned the Port Authority Bus Terminal into a chaotic mess and had officials pointing fingers, there are a lot of questions about why nobody saw this coming.

State police said there were at least 500 accidents on area roads.

People turned to social media to vent their frustration and share their horror stories Friday morning.

Here's a roundup.

1010 WINS Facebook:

Mike Mastropasqua: 5 hours to get home from JFK to Staten Island --

Fuser Carangui: Nereid ave bx ny it took me 2hours that usually takes me 5min

Mike Joseph: Was at the port authority for 3 hours waiting for a bus, then that bus took 2.5 hour to get home to central jersey. Broke my own personal record for longest commute!

Fuser Carangui: From west 123th st to white plains rd & nereid ave it took me 5hours 1/2 crazy...

Iris Cruz: What is my normal 10 minute drive to work with no traffic took 2 hours ... headache is an understatement... at a standstill for 1 1/2 hours were stuck due to no plowing and then you have the crazies that want to beat the traffic and make it worse... nyc was failed last night smh

Kimberly Feinman Martiuk: 7 hrs 22 mins to get home. I got off the deegan at Willis ave and cut through the Bronx on the icy streets to get to the GWB. Got home after midnight. Awful commute. Not my normal 45. Or even my "bad 1.5 hrs"

Nelson Paredes: It took 1 hour and 30 minutes from Co-Op City in the Bronx to The Bronx House in Pelham Parkway which usually takes 15 minutes.

Nicky Ceraldi: Politicians had nothing but bullshit excuses! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE knew the weather was predicted to be bad and the weather was SPOT ON!!!

Brian Liverpool: What happened is that there is too many people that can’t drive for anything in the world and are always the ones coming out of the house for no reason at all.

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